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RE: Magnepan LRS

Posted by emailtim on February 21, 2021 at 22:25:01:

I started with an old DEQX unit, still have it. I have ARC DRC in my Anthem Statement D2V Pre/Pro but never liked what it did so completely disabled it.

DIRAC has a PC software version that I have not tried, nor their embedded versions.

MarcL uses DIRAC for full blown home theater to good effect. I have seen his REW plots and his D50 clarity ratings are exemplary.

I have tried the Audiolense XO demo, but can't get consistent delay measurements with it on my PC. If I am going to use something for time and phase alignments, I need it to create consistent repeatable results.

I am using REW and RePhase. I get much better consistency/repeatable measurements with REW. I am also experimenting with REW on Realtime Linux to see if handles timing latencies better than Windows (with respect to measurements and playback).