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RE: 3.6R Repair

Posted by ColinB on January 11, 2021 at 17:59:22:

Glad to hear the speakers look ok, apart from those few places in the midrange. Good luck glueing that down. Use minimal acetone if you can.

The bass section looks quite white. 30NF is white and miloxane looks clearer, so they might have had a reglue with 30NF or perhaps were like that from the factory. Maybe Shelia got the date slightly wrong but she definitely said the changeover date was sept 2005 in an email.

Not totally sure about the crossover. Those are Solen polypropylene tweeter caps, with a bypass cap. IIRC the stock tweeter caps are actually Solens in the 3.6R, but I could be wrong as I can't quite remember.. The midrange LP caps might be Orcas or another brand that was used before (can't remember too) Can you see the bigger value caps and what brands they are ? The values should be 24 or 25 uF and there should be two of them in each speaker. It's possible earlier models used a single 50 uF blue colour electrolytic instead.

Regardless, Solens are pretty good caps, - the older models used polyester Elpacs which are not as of good spec.

Good luck with the repair. Let us know how you get on. The staples are indeed a total nightmare to remove!