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RE: In the interest of sharing

Posted by FX35 on June 12, 2020 at 03:05:16:

Nope, Looked into the magnetic footers that definitely suspend it in mid air, but didn't like the idea of heavy magnets under my components. I prefer the "Feet of Silence" from Solid Tech,(Swedish, not Swiss!) I use them under drives, pre's, external power supply's........ except my mono's, they don't give a hoot what they sit on, and believe me, I tried everything.

The 2 foto's show the original design and the follow up, I use + prefer the original design, it gives you the option of different O-rings, thick or thin, or a combination, 1,2 or 3 rings, this way you can configure each foot separately, which helps leveling. ALWAYS use 3 feet, add or subtract O-rings to achieve maximum stretch to the point that the inner cylinder nearly touches the shelf, and try to create the smallest triangle, this creates maximum swaying + freedom of movement. WHERE you place them will influence differently, for example, under a CDP you would place one under the drive, one under the transformer and the 3rd to level it out. Like I said before, once you have the feet placement dialed in + leveled out for maximum freedom of movement, you really DO NOT want to touch them again, but the sonic awards can make them unmissable.
I did A/B the 2 designs and the original wins, I think the new design is a marketing thing, they aren't as fussy as the original, with just 1 spring and without the rollerball on top.