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Bi-Wire Made a considerable improvement

Posted by jllaudio on February 20, 2012 at 07:43:58:

I tried Bi-Wiring after owning my 3.6R's for almost 5 years. The improvement in sound for me was really apparent after approximately 400 plus hours. In fact I hadn't listened to music through my speakers for a week or so and just had the itch. The improvement was phenominal over my previous listening experience. The George Benson guitar, the Bach, Dvorak Cello music all were projected with a clarity and presence that is really difficult for my 64 hard of hearing ears to describe.

I was able to turn down my W4S SX1000's to a much lower level to achieve the dynamics I almost approached before Bi-Wire (with the burn in time).
I'm using the Paul Speltz anti-cables for the Bi-Wire.

My SBTouch is providing sound that I have been searching for, for years. The 96K/24bit Wav recordings are coming through fantastically.

Why didn't you inmates tell me the advantages of Bi-Wire (just joking)!