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Apogee Styled "Gunned" 1.6QRs Here At Last

Posted by Maggie OToole on January 3, 2009 at 08:54:36:

The time has finally come. After weeks of working with PG on the previously announced "Apogee Styled" and "Gunned" 1.6QRs I can now finally let you see the pics of the final product. Due to weather issues in Pennsylvania the project took a little longer than originally expected, but as I told Peter many times, I will have them a lot longer than I wait to get them. There was an upside to the delays...on my first trip from Knoxville, TN to Allentown, PA to pick up the speakers, the wood refused to cooperate with the finish oils being used and instead of picking the speakers up, Peter and I spent an afternoon auditioning the various crossover options we were considering. Second trip up....they were ready to go, loaded them up and made the agonizing 10-hour trip back to Knoxville, before I could get them hooked-up in my system and get down to some serious listening.

I now have about 15 to 20-hours of listening time with the speakers and all I can say is "unbelievable”. Not only do they look just utterly gorgeous, they sound even better....they are indeed the "whole package"

The speakers are constructed using ambrosia maple and peruvian walnut and as I did not already have a pair of Maggie 1.6QRs, I purchased a brand new pair from a fantastic Dealer in the Baltimore, MD area and delivered them directly to Magnestand. PG and I worked out the design on paper and in his artistic mind, and decided on using Dueland Caps originally, but as they just weren’t readily available here in the States, we decided to go with the Mundorf Silver/Oil caps. The final XO setup and use of other components in the XO are PG's design and any further discloser will be up to him.....but the sound is to die for. (I will elaborate in my next post dedicated to my listening critique)

Attached are a few pics, as I promised.

I want to publicly say...working with Peter was an absolute joy and a rewarding experience. Peter may not think the same of me, as I am a little particular, but he handled every phase of the project as the true professional he is. From the initial first meeting at his place of business and the design brainstorming session , to all the daily/weekly updates on the progress, the final pickup, and the follow-up by telephone after I got the speakers home....Thank you Peter from the bottom of my heart...Job well done!

Maggie O'Toole