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RE: what are the winters like?

Posted by RGA on November 30, 2021 at 16:20:06:

HK freedom is going the way of the dodo. There is no real way to fight back - Taiwan has the US government and allies to somewhat sabre rattle to protect Taiwan - Hong Kong has no such support from the west.

The teaching union shut down here after around 40 years. Amnesty International closed its doors due to the government's vague law about institutions acting subversive or anti-mainland. Many wealthier Hongkongers have been moving overseas (the same thing happened in 1997). I feel most of it is panic over something you probably don't have to fear. If you're not a trouble maker and you want to live your life and make money, see friends go to parties etc China and HK is no different than living anywhere else - and it has some advantages like personal safety. But you have to toe the line. When those crooks use melamine to poison milk to save money that killed a bunch of babies - the Chinese government lined those CEOs up and shot them.

In the USA those guys could hide behind "the Corporation" status and their company would merely pay a fine and those CEOs would wind up making more money. So there are all kinds of pros and cons.