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And how far do HK car owners drive?

Posted by Dave_K on November 30, 2021 at 06:03:04:

I've spent a little time in Hong Kong. It's one of those cities where "normal" residents rarely need a car, and when they need one they can hire one. The scarcity of parking makes it a luxury item, so fuel prices are kind of irrelevant. Also, the climate makes it unnecessary to use fossil fuels for heating.

Now put yourself in the great plains of CA or USA. Everything is spread out. A car is a fundamental necessity of life because you need it to go anywhere. You literally can't feed your family without it. If you're a tradesperson, or otherwise work with your hands, you probably need a truck or van for work as well. Taking a vacation or visiting family usually involves loading up a vehicle and going on a road trip. And it gets cold in the winter so you depend on gas or oil to keep you warm.

A fuel price spike in HK would be noticed by the companies in the transport business and not so much by the population at large. But a fuel price spike in the middle of CA or the USA is felt by nearly all the people in multiple facets of their life.