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55OTD and Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by stan2 on November 24, 2021 at 23:12:48:

Ran into a friend near the river this eve. He stopped to look at the sunset too. This spot near home is a great spot for down river sunsets. He was wiping some birdshitto off the hood.

Thanksgiving gonna be weird here. Mrs Stan2 just tested positive. Boo. We're all vaxed. She was scheduled for her booster Monday. She rarely goes anywhere but we ate out a few days ago. She noticed the bartender mixing our drinks didn't have a mask, but who knows. Maybe our neighbor or our someone else may have been asymptomatic. Anyhow, I'm cooking solo and she's in isolation and bored upstairs. Fortunately, she isn't too sick. And hasn't lost sense of taste or smell. I figure I'm doomed, but doomed vaccinated. We'll see. Hope you all avoid the bug. Be vigilant!!