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But both examples--yours and CFL's support my point...

Posted by dark_dave56 on September 16, 2020 at 05:20:03:

...not afraid and willing to do whatever it takes to get-by. You do what you have to--like it or not--"beneath" you or not.

I've been fortunate not to ever become unemployed, once I got established in my career-path, but I've worked my share of "shit-jobs" and hard-labor to attain/finance my degrees--and learned a lot of skills that have ultimately been very valuable for the remainder of my life. And, I'd have never been afraid to use them as a "fall-back" position while floating resumes, waiting on another job opportunity. Even once established in my career-path, I'd still take-on "side-gigs" for that few xtra-bux--for "holiday cash", down-payment on a new car/home, whatever. I was "indoctrinated" that way by my family, and it has served me well.