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Laptop or tower?

Posted by Awe-d-o-file on January 11, 2017 at 09:33:55:

Go PC but Windows 8/10 suck. To make them work well takes lots of training and time. They like today's Android devices are simply advertising delivery systems. If you saw how exposed out are in Windows 10 in the stock/default configuration you'd be shocked. Such as programs being set to use your mic or camera without asking! There is much much more and I bet maybe one in ten here know of it.

Get a used PC with 7. Or buy something new and put 7 on it. Places sell PC's with no OS. This avoids all the shitty trial versions of software the companies pay the computer maker to have put on the PC. A PC with 7 will work faster than one with 8/10 that has more memory and a faster processor. That's what resource hogs 8/10 are. If you don't have a screaming net Internet connection they really suck worse.

Feel free to email and get my number to discuss in detail. You can do it easily for three to four hundred dollars, less if you have to do it on the cheap. You can even get it and send it to me and I will take care of it for free and send it back.There are wonderful free tools everyone should use on a PC like Open DNS, proxy servers and so on that make the Internet safer and much faster. In PC world there are many many more threats to abate than in Mac world. Anti virus software sucks and can slow down computers badly. I've never used it and am virus free for almost 20 years.