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Horn/Bottlehead Meeting

Posted by ahendler on July 12, 2008 at 07:45:46:

This is to officially announce that the Horn/Bottlehead meeting will be held July 26,2008 at my house. My address is 2370 Tanglewood drive in Lisle< Illinois. You should be able to mapquest my address. If not call me at 630/579/9315. Lisle is near Naperville. This meeting is for all who love music and equipment.I will only be able to play CD's and SACD's. No records as my analog system is down. If dealers want to come that's fine but no selling of equipment please. I will supply chicken and chips. Please bring your own chips. If anyone wants to know my system is a Sony sacd player,Sonic Euphoria passive Pre-amp, Transcendent Sound single ended OTL and Lowther Medallion Speakers. Can't wait to see you all.