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O.B. is cheap, easy, fun.

Posted by Elmo on April 4, 2007 at 02:46:00:

One can always 'upgrade' until the cows come home [to watch a DVD (even have some popcorn)]. But, one can buy a wide range or full range vintage driver for pennies. Then buzz out some holes in two plywood pieces, prop a stick on the back. Bang, boom, bing .... done.


I've got mebbe a hundred twenty five dollars total, in me current speaks (vint 12" cast frame, alnico wide range. Vint alnico cast bullet horn tweets, cap assortment, L-pads, angle bracket feet, spikes). No inductors (thank you very much).

Hard to believe twelves can have midrange magic, and also disappear (no, I ain't complaining). In my small room, I attenuate the back wave with a single drape of fabric, over the speaker's back (season to taste). I have imaging and depth in spades (and .... a luverly bottom end). Theory, talk, indecision, projection. Just grab you somethin, an get a listenin :-)