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Help! Oppo 95: Who on Long Island Will Install JVB Digital Region Free Mod kit?

Posted by cin5 on November 18, 2021 at 14:23:38:

I have several treasured Region B Blu Ray movies which I can't play on my
Oppo BDP-95 Region A BD player.

I can order this very popular and bug proof kit here.

If it was life or death of course I could do it, but I'd rather have someone unscrew the two boards in the player to get at the RS232 port to plug the module in.

Obviously, it's a very simple job. And earlier this year I had shipped the player to Oppo service to have it overhauled-and who replaced the disc loader-so it works great.

The only people who used to do anything with BD players on LI are all retired.

Please refer me to anyone you know who may help in the 631 or 516 area code.