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RE: How good is a $200 4K blu-ray player?

Posted by RGA on May 8, 2019 at 08:01:53:

The OPPO units brought better sound to the table and a lot more features related to sound like outputting true multi-channel SACD - while the cheap Sony units claim SACD - they basically just read the discs and play them - 2 channel. OPPO could also play other formats like DVD-Audio.

Buying an OPPO for JUST Blu-ray doesn't make sense - and when they stop updating the machine which will happen - you may not be able to even play new Bluray movies.

It's one of the reasons I went with the Sony PS4 because I know they always update the PS4 constantly and it plays Bluray just fine and can be connected to a surround sound receiver. And the PS4 is highly durable since a lot of kids will use it and they are rough with these things. So my idea was that the PS4 would probably be GOOD ENOUGH with video and would be durable and would be updated. And it's also a game device and has netflix and all that stuff.

So far it has been rock solid for about the 4 years I have had it. Can't remember when I bought it but it works. Games often have vastly better stories than movies, which pleasantly surprised me.

PS5 is coming - this might be an even better idea. I do wish the PS5 would come with SACD and surround sound outputs. If it did everything the OPPO 205 did and do games and be built reliably - man what a machine it could be.