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Digital Video to PC [Firewire to USB]

Posted by cawson@onetel.com on February 25, 2019 at 02:48:38:

Not posted here before but hopefully someone can offer a simple solution to a simple problem.

I have many hours of video on DVCAN digital tape. I want it in my PC so I can ditch the tapes and sell the machine that plays them.

So 2 questions:

What hardware do I need to connect the Firewire output from the VCR to my PC?

What software do I need to capture the video and provides a minimal level of editing? All I really want to do after capture is to cut each 3 hour recording into several separate scenes / files.

The next problem will be with my SVHS recordings. Again hundreds of hours that need to be transferred to my PC. This will be S-Video and phono audio to USB, then digitise and capture. Any suggestions appreciated?