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RE: Best longer range digital antenna?

Posted by mrdavis842 on July 29, 2018 at 08:27:05:

As Coner said the Yagi type antenna is best for gain, especially for distance. A Channel Master or similar is all you need. I put one rated at 100 miles in a friends attic and had very little problem with fit whereas a smaller one rated at 30 miles in my own attic was harder to fit. Just depends on the attic layout and direction. You will half the power output for every split (with a good quality splitter ~ -3.5 dB). If you can't reliable get good reception running 3 TVs, on the weakest channels you will be watching, you can add a preamplifier, preferably at the antenna. Just get a good one like an Electroline, PCT or Channel Master, the cheap ones are junk and don't work.