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Best 43-49" Non-OLED TV for Noir Movies + Windows XP Computing?

Posted by cin5 on July 23, 2018 at 11:33:20:

OLED TVs have been marketed for quite some time and it's very upsetting to find that there are still no 43 to 49" model available. After all, who among us film noir movie lovers doesn't want OLED's unbeatable black level range and contrast ratio-even if many of us lack space for a larger screen size? Apparently, sub-50" OLED TVs are unavailable due to production scale vs. desired sales volume decisions, plus the strange and unfortunate fact (if actually true) that LG is the world's only supplier of OLED panels. So those like me who want to enjoy the OLED TV experience in their bedrooms are probably out of luck for the foreseeable future, regardless of price. And the situation looks at least as bad for those pursuing sub-50" non-OLED TVs that still give truly excellent black levels and have VGA and/or analog video connectivity.

I'd rather not replace my ancient laptop and desktop until early next year, when Intel's coffeelake or icelake processors will be available. But here's where things get more dicey. My Sony laptop's 10 years old with only VGA and S-video but it runs Windows 7 Home, 3GB memory, Intel T9500 Core 2 Duo CPU and Intel Media Accelerator X3100 graphics. I don't want to have to choose between analog to digital video converters, however well they may work So I'd want the best performing 43-46" TV for movies with lots of dark content and which has VGA and/or composite video inputs.

My 13 year old desktop that I mostly use for file backup management runs Windows XP Home 3GB memory, Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.6GHz cpu and ATI Radeon® X300 SE 128MB video card. That card's at least 3 years older than the graphics in my laptop but it has a DVI-I connector. Thus, its digital video will is physically adaptable and electrically compatible with HDMI.

However, as the desktop's three years older than the laptop, will it have a problem outputting the Windows XP desktop and MS Word documents of at least legible quality to the TV?

And will AVI video format files look at least nearly as good as DVD video quality?

I realize that it's a tall order. But to recap, please recommend one or more TV models that:

Have VGA or composite video, however now unlikely.

Won't over overheat the cpu and graphics processor in my 2005 desktop when it outputs AVI video via DVI-D to the TV.

And that this 43 to 49" TV model also have truly stunning inky contrast and wide black level performance when fed from Oppo and other quality Blu Ray players.

According to this review, only Vizio makes one or more models which may be meet all criteria. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-usage/pc-monitor

I'll go with one unless there are one or more better models.

Cost is no problem.

Please advise.