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Same old--advice for setting up system

Posted by docw on March 12, 2012 at 17:35:43:

I have a standard 2 ch stereo system, check my profile on AA.
However, I am in that situation of only having one room in our rectangular room (sounds ok).

So I am getting your advice for setting up a
46" TV
center and back channels (probably small units)
using my stereo speakers as mains
using my old sub (12 inch)

The wire was already there (16 G ofc copper Monster cable flat line), using some old lousy speakers (tore them out). So the installer can use that.

Probably need an AV receiver (would like pass through for stereo system).

Should I spend more than $300-400 for a receiver?
And what speakers do you guys use?
We are thinking maybe a box center and small ceiling back channels.

That's all I know, don't criticize but tell me what else should I ask?