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I think both viewpoints have merit here...

Posted by MT on July 30, 2002 at 14:06:56:

since I do believe that it is in Warners best interest to give those people purchasing DVD-Audio disc exactly what they want. And if they find out that what people want are High-Quality Stereo mixes - then maybe that is where they might put more effort.

On the other hand, it would make good sense for Warners to find out from those who buy electronic devices, such as audiophiles and enthusiasts, why they either have or haven't purchased their products. And if not, what would entice them to purchase.

The biggest problem I see, is that it is easy and less costly for Warners to place a card in the DVD-A disc and get responses from those interested in already purchasing their products. Imagine, though, on the other hand, how much money Warners would have to expend to get the viewpoints of those who haven't yet purchased DVD-Audio (or even find out who their target group would be to even ask - Yes they could buy Sterophile's, Sound and Visions, etc. subscriber lists, but that would be costly).

I think in the end it is easier and less costly to ask your captive audience what they would like to see in the product they buy, then to fish for answers and spend oodles of money from "outsiders" that may or may not amount to any real viable and usable marketing data.

At least Warners asks these questions of their consumers. I don't see any cards in Sony SACDs - because if there were I would sure fill those out letting them know about the golden opportunities lying in their vaults that would make better SACDs then alot they have already released.