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I have both QOBUZ and TIDAL up an running...

Posted by Ivan303 on January 23, 2020 at 06:12:54:

and have streamed the above referenced remastered RUSH album using both.

Admittedly, I'm allowing Audirvana to do the initial unfold and that's it as there is no way I'm replacing my DENAFRIPS Terminator with an MQA capable DAC, so there is that.

Audirvana MPD/DLNA to a uRendu to the DAC and both sound pretty good (if you like RUSH).

Audirvana allows easy flipping between QOBUZ and TIDAL and it's WAY better than LMS, no matter what inmate 'GoneFishing' says. :-)

After a few back and forths, I think QOBUZ with REAL 24/96 wins.

Lossy MQA isn't far behind and I admittedly did have to move to the 'sweet spot' and flip back and forth to decide.