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For those about to chill...

Posted by Tony on February 16, 2005 at 08:14:37:

I'm in the mood to make a list...so here goes:

Rapoon - Hollow Flight (off of The Fires of the Borderlands)

Aphex Twin - #19 (off of Excursions in Ambience - The Third Dimension)

Spectrum - Pulse Drone (neon sigh) (off of Excursions in Ambience - The Third Dimension)

W.F.O. - No One In The World (Off of Excursions in Ambience - The Second Orbit)

Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris - School Of Fish (Off of Dreamfish)

Jaydee - Think 4 A While (Off of The First Barramundi Sampler - An Introduction To A Cooler World)

Rapino Brothers - Go Ahead London (Off of The First Barramundi Sampler - An Introduction To A Cooler World)

Colccut - Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2) (Off of Two A.D.)

Young American Primitive - Sunrise (Off of the self titled album)

That should do for now...enjoy ;-)