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REVIEW: Jolida JD502B Integrated Amplifier (Tube) Review by Pat at Audio Asylum

Posted by Pat on March 13, 2000 at 13:54:16:

This Jolida 502 in the showroom and the demo I took home had cosmetic quality issues in the alignment of the volume, balance and input selector with the face plate. The Tube "sockets" and tube bias adjustors were also off center with the shroud covering the amp and preamp.

The sound however for the $1000 retail was very pleasant. Great detail, image and breath you expect from tubes. Voices and sharp horns are big and bold without the brass sound of my NAD equipment. The bass was full and well defined which was a nice surprise. I alternated between Nordoss Red Dawn and Tara Lab 2Air interconnects. The Nordoss were clearer with better definition, especially in mid bass percussion and rhythm instruments. The Tara Lab interconnects have better breath around them, but the tubes provided their own, and the 2Airs weren't needed at this party.

A pleasant and surprising as it sounded, the 502 was an underachiever when it came to "driving" by B&W CDM7's. rated at 8 ohms, they can go down to 6 ohms. While the whole point of tubes isn't to rock and roll, volume is a factor in filling a room. I would heartily recommend the amp in a medium sized room with more effecient speakers. (Pro Ac or Paradigms)