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Original Message

I enjoyed it, thanks...

Posted by justacoder on June 12, 2002 at 07:25:36:

As may be obvious, I like reviewers to describe completely what they hear at shows. The picture/price-only approach of the 'professional' magazines are just another form of advertising. Useful, but not enjoyable - for me anyway.

Attributing a particular defect in the sound to a particular component may entail some (perhaps large :-) amount of guess work - but less and less as the reviewer hears the individual components more and more often in more and more systems. Why senior reviwers refuse to comment on the sound at shows has to do more with how they will suffer slings and arrows than a lack of insight into what and why a room sounds good or awful, IMHO.

I liked how he stated up-front his perference for solid-state and how he described the Pipedream/Tenor system: "speakers could have used a little more "edge" and attack to their sound". This helps reveal what kind of sound he prefers as opposed to keeping it a secret like other reviewers sometimes do - as if they could be completely impartial in their judgements.