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"Auschwitz": History without the guilt . . .

Posted by mr grits on March 9, 2012 at 19:38:57:

This PBS makeover of the BBC series is a few years old but stands as an excellent historical look at the ultimate Nazi killing field for Jews and undesirables. Broken into six parts it shows with excellent CGI, dramatizations, and actual survivors what the Auschwitz inside details are and is done in a amazingly balanced way. One thing that is always chilling is the interviews of former SS guards and participants who, 60 years later, still have no remorse or guilt for what they did. Everyone involved on the Nazi side seems to have compartmentalized their feelings and rely on sense of duty to country to keep their hatches battened.

This is a history buff special with a lot of fresh footage on the subject and Linda Hunt's narration is precise and without melodrama. Recommended.