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you asked a specific question and I gave you an answer.

Posted by Analog Scott on February 1, 2012 at 14:10:30:

>> I can't think of a major Hollywood male, either, so feel free to mention one who's gotten into a professional fight>>

That was what you said Tin. I mentioned one. One with far greater martial arts credentials than Gina Carano. If you don't like his fight scenes then it pretty much underminds your own premise that Carano is good because she is the real deal.

And yeah, the fight scene in the bathroom in the begining of Casino Royale is far more believable than anything in Haywire. Have you seen that fight scene? Sadly the movie fell apart all over itself shortly after that scene. But that scene was absolutely top flight in terms of visceral impact and realism. Thanks in no small part to how well it was shot and edited.

>>If there is one thing that film didn't portray, it was reality in any form. A guy being resuscitated and then partying on? A building collapsing but he comes through it? Righto!>>

Are you even paying attention to what I am writing? I was pretty clear in citing the first fight scene in the bathroom and claiming the movie falls apart after that. So why bring up scenes that I have clearly exluded from my example? By the way don't be so sure that carano could take Statham in a real fight. He does have plenty of martial arts experience