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Dumb Money - the Game Stop story

Posted by stan2 on November 8, 2023 at 13:11:29:

I didn't jump into the Game Stop crazy trading a couple years ago, but my son and nephew played with it a bit at the time back then. They didn't get hurt. If any of you followed the story or got in on it yourselves, or just like David vs Goliath stories, you'll probably enjoy it. It didn't seem to stick around long in the theaters; about a week maybe here. I usually like films that include actual footage real footage as part of the docu-drama, in this case there was a lot of news footage, Congressional inquiry tape, etc to draw on. There was a time around 2007 that we pulled over at the Game Stop in Grand Junction Colorado during our drive on vacation heading to Crested Butte a few times so our kid could shop a Game Boy game.

"Tetris" and "Blackberry" are kind of similar in that they document those two interesting and revolutionary tech stories. And Tetris has links to Game Boy. There are a lot of stories from that whole tech revolution era we lived through. Alvin Toffler was right.

My wife had to leave the room during "Dumb Money" tho. She hated the gangster Rap music that seemed to kick in when Pete Davidson was on the screen. haha.