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Champions...A great feel good movie.

Posted by troutbum on March 23, 2023 at 06:12:30:

Woody is at his usual...quite good. It is totally predictable, but what a just damn nice movie. My son is an adult with developmental disabilities. His support staff could not come last Sunday (he lives by himself) so we decided to grab a movie. I didn't look closely at the writeup and did not know it was about a team of developmentally disabled adults. If I had known this, I may not have taken my son. As usual, I was wrong about how I expected he would react. Like myself, he loved it!

What I did not know until after was that the team "actors" were all, in fact, developmentally disabled. They were awesome! Some of them had some real nice Bball talent as well.

Treat yourself to just a good fun movie.