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Hard to believe this film is 50 years old....

Posted by TWB on July 7, 2022 at 23:26:36:

I remember when I saw it in the theater in the early 70's and was astounded at the high caliber filmmaking and performances in the film.... Easy to see why in many circles it is heralded as the greatest movie musical of all time..... I would certainly say that it is the greatest movie musical of the "modern" era. I fell in love with Ms. Minnelli as a result of seeing the film, and have seen her in concert a record 10 times. She has NEVER given me cause to doubt her talent both as a singer and a performer. I've seen many a great talent live before, but none can match the vitality, exuberance and showmanship of Ms. Minnelli! Judy Garland among concertgoers is widely considered to have been the greatest live entertainer of the 20th century. I don't know about that as I was too young to have attended and experienced Garland Live. I would say that Liza Minnelli Live would certainly follow in her Mother's footsteps and example. TCM is showing Cabaret in theaters on selected dates, if you have never seen it, I highly recommend that you see it in the theater....