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The 3 Most Disappointing Movies of 2021 Are Best Picture Nominees!

Posted by RGA on March 23, 2022 at 19:32:40:

While I get this - I was not terribly convinced by Phil as being a bad enough guy to have killed. But I could give that Peter felt that Phil was enough of a threat or blamed, in large part, for Rose's descent into alcoholism. It just felt more or less flat to me and overlong with few payoffs.

I think Kareem Abdul Jabbar hit the nail on the head for me

The 3 Most Disappointing Movies of 2021 Are Best Picture Nominees!

"Nominating this movie as Best Picture seems more like the Academy virtue signalling than sticking to their mandate to reward exceptional and innovative films."

For me that is the crux - there was nothing new - not thematically, nor visually, nor was it exceptional in any way.