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Original Message

People in positions of power are, mostly, socio-or-psychopaths? Wow!

Posted by tinear on September 20, 2021 at 07:57:36:

You sure won't get that in the MSM.

I didn't think the clientele of "Westworld" were those in positions of power? Perhaps bourgeoisie or even blue-collar that had saved up? After all, the truly powerful don't need to go to a fantasy palace, they do this stuff (Epstein and his "clients") in the real world.

As far as conditioning: folks that go to "Westworld" know what they're in for, they're already interested in rape and ultra-violence: is this an accurate portrayal?

Gratuitous is the many-multiple repetition of, for instance, the shooting massacre in the town street with the dozens of bodies. Unnecessarily graphic are the many scenes wherein knives are used to maim, dismember, disembowel, etc. We'll have to disagree on this point as far as the repetitive nature. And what of the continuous showing of the bots being carved up or their remains shown prominently? What is the object? Sensationalism. Do you really think a viewer will come away more pacifistic from viewing ultra-violence or will it further deaden him to it? You seem to agree with the latter since you say it has to be increased. If "shaking us out of" worked, "Saving Private Ryan," one of the most graphic depictions (without gratuitousness/repetitiveness) of war, ever, would have had an impact. It quite obviously didn't.

And Dolores was a bot, programmed to be passive and not to harm a human. Not much, I'd say, to be deduced from her behavior, i.e. compared to a human being's far greater complexity.

By the way, the "reveries" basic plot smacked so very much of the HAL cognitive dissonance story that Clarke's estate should have been paid...