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RE: Medicare is...

Posted by RGA on February 14, 2021 at 08:02:02:

The "I got mine so screw you" mentality tends to emanate from one financial class of person. While some in the middle and lower financial class have been duped to vote against their own self-interests the majority have not.

And these things are not based on singular posts but across months and years of posts with various patterns.

Please understand something - my posts to certain posters here are not to try and convince them or to change their minds. Teaching old dogs new tricks is like convincing people to get out from under the thumb of religion. For me, it's more about that game at the old arcades called "Whack-a-Mole" (photo above).

Arguments of reason don't work so it's just whack-a-mole. People here only preach to their choirs. As I have traveled and lived in several different countries my perspective is different than some others who don't get out much and see the world first hand.

The things we are taught in school are often BS to keep us in check. America has just proven the statement "No one is above the Law" is complete and utter bullshit. "Violence doesn't solve problems" when in reality it is the only thing that usually does. Flower Power wasn't taking down the Nazis. Americans must agree because the US Industrial complex is where most of the taxes are going. No one stops to think that you should have a country worth defending before you spend all your money to defend it.

It's more about being frustrated at seeing the obvious potential and a relatively easy fix but the guy you brought in to fix the Rolex only has one tool - a sledgehammer. Nuance isn't in their mindset.

Frustration River Valley. Plus too much time on my hands with Covid I suspect. Granted this is mostly an American board so it's just that I see things from a different perspective - something that is obvious to me is not seen as obvious to some posters on this board. So it's kind of baffling to me.

But hey - have a laugh - Canada sure ain't perfect either :)