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RE: Very well said

Posted by RGA on April 29, 2020 at 03:53:03:

Well I didn't care for her song selection on their duet album and I am sorry to say but Bennett probably needed some auto-tune.

Plus I think a lot of this has been done to death (the songbook) - if you are going to cover a song do something different to it. But since people will complain about screwing with classics - pick other songs.

Lady Gaga is a bit frustrating because I think she's better than the material she is singing. Or she is a jack of all trades and a master of none. I think she is the former but the results have kind of been the latter. She is still young - still has time.

I believe Lady Gaga is a Mezzo Soprano with some contralto and that sort of reminds me more of a Cher than a Mariah or Whitney.

I wonder if the vocal type makes her more or less pleasing to the ear of listeners. And her voice seems to change because listening her cover Judy Garland I had a bit of a double take because I had not heard that sort of vocal from her in the past.

I hardly think it is unique to her and perhaps you are right that her success or whatever other reason has allowed her to shift to other genres - most singers seem to get pigeon-holed into one genre for life. They are a golden goose to the studio. The one good thing from a business perspective is that pop fans will buy the jazz album and that may get these people to explore jazz and that will lead to more sales for other jazz artists.

I am big on entry points - you can get young people into other genres but they often needs some entry into the world. Especially with so many schools cutting music programs to the bone.