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RE: TU-882R Headphone Amp - Possible Mods

Posted by Tweaker456 on April 10, 2016 at 18:24:57:

Just don't tell anyone else about the 5 stars. I thought I was set and found a used pair at a reasonable cost and said what the heck. The designer says not to remove R1 and R2 to protect the amp from oscillating if the vol. control disconnects for some reason?? I was thinking of using .22uf for the one coupling cap but the designer says this will or can cause the amp to oscillate. I'm not an electronic trained person, mainly a parts upgrader and a tweaker. Once again carefull use of carbon grease on the tube pins and any connector in the signal path. Silver conductive grease on PS connectors. Very messy stuff, like shoe polish and needs to be used sparingly with care not to get it on clothing... Soon I plan to finally venture into the amp. How do you like the Takman (REX?) Tweaker