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The joke's on you.....

Posted by jeromelang on June 19, 2003 at 23:15:12:

The following is an excerpt from the Magnan Audio Cables website (there is a link to this page from the Asylum FAQs):

"We have found a quick and easy method to instantly tell if your system if fairly time coherent and resolved. While playing a CD quickly select Pause, then Play. This resets the transport mechanism serial digital output circuits and on a good system an instant improvement in smoothness, lack of edge and resolution results. Unfortunately, over a period of 5-10 minutes the serial digital timing drifts off, and the sound slowly reacquires the original slight edginess, hardness and muddiness. As your system improves, the sonic changes in this test become more and more pronounced. This technique is not listed in the tweak list because it has to be periodically repeated, doing insult to the musical continuity each time."

Not the same procedures I described, but it points to the same track access problem. Inmates like Todd Krieger, Clark Johnsen, PeaK, leisure7, Kenji, Methos, Ole Lund Christensen(GamuT Audio) and others have checked their own players and confirmed that this problem is real. As long as you continue not to hear this problem in your system for whatever reasons(system deficiencies or biological), your discussion on this subject will be analogous to a blind man trying to carry on a discussion with healthy individuals on the subject of colour tuning on a TV set. You don't get it because you don't see(hear) it.