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if that's what you believe

Posted by Joe Murphy Jr on May 13, 2012 at 08:01:26:

Have you asked the website in question?
Sometimes the best one to answer the question is the one in question.

What website are you referring to and is there a reason you are omitting that information from your posts?
It's not easy to give you a more specific answer, at least one based on personal experience -- and that pretty much is what you're asking -- if you keep protecting the identity of the entity you are accusing.

Now, if you have downloaded anything they say are DG recordings, you can easily verify (via free software) if there is any musical content (ie, not just noise) above 22kHz. If there is musical content, then they are indeed High Resolution recordings. If not, then they are upsampled recordings.

Both of my questions posed specifically to you, and not answered, are valid:

#1 Is "We do not offer..." the same as "We do not record..."?

#2 Do you really believe a label such as Deutsche Grammophon still records at 16/44?

The reason that I asked is because of the following 3 facts:
The great majority of music recorded from the early '90s on has been done at a sampling rate >44.1kHz. The great majority of music recorded today (and started nearly a decade ago) is done on workstations at 24-bit. What format is still the most common? 16/44 by far and nothing else comes close.

"A common sense way of understanding this is the following. The web site's high res files are not from Deutsche Grammophon.

If they are not from Deutsche Grammophon, they should be upsampled from 44.1kHz/16bit lossless file or a lossy compressed file."

So you've basically answered your own question based on what you believe to be the case. Other than a "lossy compressed file" having nothing to do with High Resolution content and the fact that what the download company is offerring could be converted from analog tapes or DG recordings that DG doesn't specifically sell from their website, my only reaction to this statement is to ask why you posted in the first place.