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I think you've misunderstood me...

Posted by nathan_klassen on March 4, 2007 at 10:24:13:

I own a CD50mk2 which is identical to the Creek Classic CD, except for the casing its in. If you would like to see my system setup just click on the (A) beside my name and that should get you there, or you can search through the inmate systems.

You can dig through my posts, and even read my local dealer's response to your post, and you will see that I am very happy with my Creek. I think it is probably the most balanced CD Player in the price range I have encountered and it is engaging and fun to listen to and I have zero complaints regarding it.

However, the original poster said he was looking for a 'warm sounding' CDP. That's definitely not the Creek.

Of the player's I've spent time with I would say that my Monarchy M24 DAC, which I use the Creek as a transport into, is warm, the Cary 308 I heard is warm, and the Roskan Caspian is Warm/Dark.

So enjoy your Creek, I do too, but its not a warm CDP.

- Nathan Klassen