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Re: follow up

Posted by Steven R. Rochlin on August 21, 2004 at 10:20:29:


A most humbly thanks my friend. Alas, as the rims/tires are a 'package' i need to wait for the rims to arrive. FYI: Rims on her now are NOT stock, but Etoile 7x16 and 8x16. These will be used for winter (dare i say snow) driving and will get all weather rubber on them.

Have heard good things about the Goodyear Eagle F1s (and as you know there are various version of the Eagles and i assume you mean the GS-D3). Will report back on the PS2 in about 3 weeks or more as once they arrive i need to scrub them, measure temps across the tread, and possibly make alignment changes accordingly.

Enjoy the Drive,

Steven R. Rochlin