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59 Alfa Guilieta Sprint GT

Posted by MylesJ on December 29, 2004 at 20:25:23:

It was aluminum bodied built for a homulgation class. I sold it in the early 70's. I was living in downtown Washington DC and the acrid air was causing the body to spall and flake from the inside out, so it had to go to someone with clean air.

I got it as part of my pay apprenticing to a mechanic from Team Alfa. Guiseppe (Joe) Solvino came to the US. It was his hill climb car. His personal racer redlined at 10,000 rpm. It had a P33 trans that he liberated when he left the team. We had to put Blue Streaks on it and it did wheelies once we stopped the tire spin.

Lots of late night blue highway runs close to 100mph were done in that car.