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Review:DIY`d Chris Venhaus Flavor4 PC

Posted by Cichlid on March 15, 2004 at 08:55:04:

I originally built Chris`s pc design that used Beldens 83802 and it was a nice step up in performance. But like most of us crazies here I wanted to see if more performance could be squeezed from my system. So I decided to try making a couple of Chris`s Flavor4 pc`s. I made one for the receiver and one for the dvd player. I bought pretty much all of the parts I needed from Chris from his site at VHAudio.com. And before anybody asks NO I do not work for Chris! Anyway, all the main parts were Cryo`d and arrived in just two days. Now I`m not saying that they were easy to build but with some e-mail help from Chris and taking my time they went together with out too much hassle. I will say this though he earns every penny he charges for his premade ones. Now I know that most cables sound better after some breakin so I tried to ignore them but that was not easily done because they were better the the 83802 from the very beginning.Now after many hours of breakin and listening these are my thoughts.I listen to mostly classical music and my friends call call me a musical snob. But with the Cleveland Orchestra thiryfive miles to the north I feel very lucky indeed. To say that these have a very black background,incredible high and low level detail, wide dynamic range is in my opinion putting it mildly. I get such a kick out of playing discs that I know well and hear new things for the first time.I would say that the pc`s have made a major increase in enjoyment both in audio and video. I think that the dvd players pc made the most differnce mostly because I haven`t installed a dedicated twenty amp line yet. I`ve got some heavy duty WAF to overcome before that happens.
I must say that Chris has been very helpful and has answered all of my e-mails quickly. His customer service should be an embarassment for many companys that I`ve delt with.Considering the cost for parts or even if you buy a premade one from Chris these pc`s I think will work well for anyone`s system