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I 2nd the thanks: many have helped me with their posts, this site is awesome

Posted by DunninLA on March 6, 2002 at 12:15:42:

Only thing, DWal, my speaker cable is AlmostClear11...not as clean but it certainly goes louder than your 7. It goes all the way past 10, to 11, because of extremely low inductance coupled with cryogenic burning, a new process I am developping. Plus it's 6" wide, so a lot more signal can pass down it.

All kidding aside, this site has helped me be able to read about and then audition lesser distributed products like Empirical Audio, TG Audio, Heart, Ah!, Magnan, Luminous Audio, Ensemble, Gutwire, along with the more highly distributed but still not in most shops like Acoustic Zen, etc.

I am also intrigued by the whole DYI thing, but my life is a bit too complicated just now to pursue this avenue of hobby.
Larry Dunn