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Re: ChrisVH: Anybody try your IC's with copper?

Posted by BobF on July 4, 2001 at 01:08:26:

I've been using this IC design made with 31 and 33 gauge copper Cardas single strand litz wire from Micheal Percy for about 4 months. A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and spent the money for the silver wire that Chris recommends and built some new cables. They were so bright at first I couldn't stand to listen to them. On the other hand, the copper cables I had been using sounded good to me after the first hour or two. The silver cables are finally breaking in a little now and I mainly notice an improvement in the detail of the bass and the top end. The copper cables are definately no slouch however and nearly hold their own against the silver, a great cable for the cost.

Regards, Bob