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one must break the circuit?

Posted by farfetched on July 31, 2012 at 20:43:21:

I have two alternate sets of interconnects for cdp>preamp>amp. Harmonic Tech truthlinks, and Kimber silver streaks. All balanced.

I have switched back and forth and always go either all HT, or all kimber. It is not really my deal, but several months ago I took a long weekend and listened, and decided the harmonic tech was preferred. More solid, a better midrange, less thin. So away went the silver streaks.

I've gone back and forth before, and never really could hear so much of a difference that there was a striking preference, however.

I was feeling restless, and changed back in the silver streaks all around yesterday. immediately, I noticed an improvement. I *had* been noticing, with the harmonic tech, a kind of filmy or blurry, or almost even distorted sound, but I do not at all want to go so far as to use that strong a term.

The kimbers clarified things, added a marked clarity in the lower octaves, and, less confusion throughout the mids.

I was listening, and had been listening a lot, to a couple Bach piano cd's, and this one lp of a mozart violin concerto, quite a bit, so was using this for my sonic bearings.

But I do not remember the change being this distinct.

Can it be that the interconnect chain between cd player, preamp, to amp, can get grungy in some way?

I could have told, by merely plugging and replugging the same harmonic tech cables unless...

whatever causes the grunge needs to dissipate.

so i'll let the harmonic tech cables dissipate for 6 months, and report back.