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Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable Turntables

Nice rewiew! I'm rather familiar with this table as a friend of mine has one and your truly was there for the initial set-up and various changes over the years. A few comments/ramblings....

First things first - this table is nothing to be scared of. It's seems complicated, but it's not really. It has an erector set feel to it. That's not to say some time and care isin't needed, it is! Helping hads are needed too! The first night we just unboxed it and did a quick set-up on the crates it came in before setting it up in it's intended location. Set-up was about 4 or so hours. The second went quicker as the cartridge was already installed and needed only minor changes. Some time was spent over the next couple evenings dialing in the cartridge (Grado Reference). I'm not too sure we'd want the pump in the room with the table. As I understand it, the pump is nothing more than a refrigerator pump that's been converted to pump air. During the arm set-up and adjustments, the ceiling fans and HVAC systems needs to be turned off to eliminate all wind sources. At first there was a problem with water being fed into the arm block. Ultimatly, this was due to the change in temperature between the rooms that the table and the pump are in. The pump is in an unused bedroom (aka the Audio junkroom!) and the AC vent has been closed to this room. We ran the tubing through the wall and up to the table. Solution? Basic ole foam pipe insulation from where it comes out the wall and right up to where it goes into the arm block. Not sure if the little beads are used on the tonearm wire, if so, don't let em work up into the arm! Apparently these keep the wires together which helps when "working the wires" so they don't put and drag on the arm. For about 4 years now it's been nothing but reliable. The damping trough is no longer used and I believe the fin has even been removed from the arm assembly, to remove any unnecesary mass. The dental floss belts have been changed to the silk tape. Speed control ended being a Power Plant - a unintended bonus! As one can plug more than one thing into a Power Plant, it may be more economical to use one of those instead of a Walker Motor drive or the VPI unit - assuming it worked as well of course!

BTW - Discovery is a good name for that cartridge. Who knew there was so much more information in those grooves waiting to be discovered?!?! No two ways about it, the Discovery was a major improvement over the Grado.

Guess I don't have to tell you to enjoy your new "toy"!!!!

marc g. - audiophile by day, music lover by night

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