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Just wondering how many (here) understands and listen for PRaT? ...

Dear All

I had just read an excellent article by Martin Colloms:


and it should be read by everyone who is looking to improve their music system. There was a sentence in the article that I want to specially mention:

"Scientifically trained, I failed to develop a proper awareness of this aspect (PRaT) of reproduction for many years, so committed was I to the analytical methods of sound-quality assessment."

Many Audiophiles with lots of experiencet can't see PRaT. I do not know when I developed my ears for PRaT, but it is perhaps the most important aspect right after tone.

With more of my time in this hobby spent mucking around with DIY amps, I can say that PRaT is not only in TT, cartridge, and tone arm designs, but in every thing that is in the chain of music reproduction. I can name Resistors and Capacitors that has no PRaT and even some hook up wires.

Not many people mentioned PRaT in AA, I am just hoping to expand PRaT to someone who have never experienced it.


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