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cheap way to really listen to mono

i was over at the steve hoffman forum today. if you're not familiar with the name, steve is the fellow behind the mastering of the dcc label, and also does the analogue productions 45 series, among many many other projects he has been involved in over the last 20 years or so. his forum is a neat place if you haven't checked it out. anyway, there's been some ongoing threads about listening to mono vinyl with a stereo setup. steve is of the belief that mono carts are not worth the money, and that it's just as good to use a cheap double y cord from radio shack to sum the signal from the tt. anyway, i was having a little difficutly understanding how the connections should be made, thus my post. for those who didn't know about this, or haven't tried it, please consider. it's so easy, and the difference on the mono aretha, otis redding and coltrane vinyl i've played tonight is nothing short of amazing. hope somebody gets some enjoyment out of this.

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Topic - cheap way to really listen to mono - sberger 20:18:33 01/05/05 (27)

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