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Re: Bybee slipstream Filters!


I enjoy reading posts/follow-ups discussing technical aspects of issues. I hope everyone continues to question their surrounding, as we still do not have a complete understanding of the true nature of the world around us.

Posts like this:

“You can achive the same I read somewher on the web, by lubricating the outer surface with fresh Anconda sweet. or was it by wraping rattler dung at each end ? I forget now.”

serve no purpose and are a waste of server/internet resources. Maybe forum administrators could add a feature allowing users to flag text such as this for review and subsequent deletion. I would be embarrassed to compose such nonsense, even with the anonymity of the Internet.

As for the Bybee’s, continue adding to the technical discussions. Maybe one day, a collaboration amongst forum members may discover the true nature of these devices. Until that day, the affect of “Quantum Purifiers” is still real. No one can force you to do or try anything.

I may try the Slipstream RCA Magic Bullets one day to determine if the results justify the cost. If not, I have the opportunity to return them for a refund, less shipping I imagine. Until that day, I will continue to play with my “magic clay” as you eloquently state.

Your “adult” follow-up once again raises several questions I do recall having been addressed in any of the wild threads on this subject. As this particular thread of the initial post did not start off in an appropriate manor, I will save these questions for another day.

This (in)famous quote is one of my favourites:

“Everything that can be invented – has already been invented”, 1899 by Mr. Charles Duell, Patent Office commissioner.

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