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Welcome Newcomers, Neophytes, and Newbies! Helpful Info

Those who are new to the AA Tweaker's section, welcome!

This board contains a wealth of information, and many subjects and Q's have been answered in the past on many different subjects.

Subjects such as:
Op-Amp Upgrades
Acoustic Treatments of all sorts:
Bass traps, room lenses, wall panels, etc.
DIY Aurios/rollerblacks/Daruma
DIY Isolation Platforms
Gaincard clones
Dedicated AC Lines
AC Powerline Filters and SS
What happened to Michael Percy? (He's busy or on vacation)
Parts sources for INSERT ITEM HERE, etc.

All of these things can be accessed one of two ways:
Use the search engine, see the link up at the top of the board:

Or for past posts, go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Threads started on or before X/XX/XX are archived Here." link.

Archives go way back, to 1999, however, only the most recent 5 archive groups are visible at the bottom of the page. If you keep clicking on the bottom most (oldest) one, and then go to IT'S archives section, and click on the bottom one, the oldest, you can sequentially go back
to the oldest archives.

This is handy for recent topics that might cover a specific component or item that just came out, or other recent situations, as well as for going back to read older posts in general.

Once you have had a chance to check out posts that have already been made on a given topic, then you might find what it is you are looking for in the way of an answer, or at the least, find enough information to ask more specific questions.

There is also a FAQ section, see the link up at the top of each section:

You might also try searching the Cables section, for Cable and DIY cable related topics, such as power cords and AC outlets etc.

Enjoy your visits, and remember, this is a moderated board (see the rules at the link at the top, at:
http://www.AudioAsylum.com/cgi/d.pl?audio/rules.html )
so behave in a civilized manner, as you would have others treat you.

Tweaker's Asylum Moderator,

Jon Risch

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