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Digital Volume Control Kitset, specifically for Angelus


I undertook to obtain more information on the kitset.

The kitset (numbered PB-C088) includes one main board (around 10 in x 2.5 in), one control and display board (around 8 in x 2.5 in), one remote control (looks quite cheap) and a double-sided A4 photocopied Chinese instruction. It has a tag of HK$ 580 (i.e. about USD 75).

The main board houses a SMDed CS3310 as well as a two or three supply regulation stages. There are also four relays for electronic selection of 4 inputs. The main broad is to be connected to the display board through a multi-pin connector (around 10-12 pins).

The display board has 3 8-digit display for volume and one 8-digit for input. A pair of "+" and "-" buttons for volume control and one more button for input selection. A big IC, I think for the remote control, is also present.

The remote control has the two volume buttons and 4 buttons for the 4 inputs.

It is illustrated in the instruction sheet that the main board can be cascaded with 2 more main boards so that a total of 6 channels can be controlled at the same time.

The shop does not accept mail order nor it knows anything about the manufacturer. On the remote control unit, I saw the word "LiTe" printed on top. Perhaps it is the brandname. You may try searching this word and/or the model number quoted above.

As to the origin of the kitset, the shop has no clue. Since the instructions are written in simplified Chinese, both the shop and I think the kitset is a product from China (Chinese other than those in China usually use traditional Chinese rather than simplified one).

Hope the above could be of use to you. Perhaps you have to ask someone to buy it for you if you are interested.

Happy Listening.

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