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Yo Uncle Mikey

"I do not recommend the use of ceramic capacitors for audio grade
filters and suppressors. The above listed parts are all
low-inductance metalized polyester types." Jon Risch This direct written statement from Jon Risch is on the net at what is said to be Jon Risch's web site. The heading or title of the article is "AC Powerline & Surge Suppressor Information". Warmest, Tweaker666
"The Borg is the ultimate user. They're unlike any threat your Federation has ever faced."

- Q, 2365

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Topic - Yo Uncle Mikey - Tweaker456 20:04:01 05/25/17 (6)

The moderators feel that allowing this thread to continue, even though it may hold useful information, will wind up creating more trouble than it solves, and thereby detract from the purpose of this forum.

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