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RE the first part, I agree that, yes such a measurement should tell where the transformer stands with heavy load current.

Re the last long sentence, the 3 hour continuous draw current capability is moot.

No it is not moot.... If the Signal xfmr Engineer represented to you the SU-2 was capable of handling a connected FLA load of 16 amps he has to stand behind his claim.
Saying now that he meant short pulses, bursts, of current up to 16 amps is a horse of a different colour.

As for the definition of continuous load.....

NEC 2011
Article 100 Definitions
A load were the maximum current is expected to continue for 3 hours or more.

When Signal Transformer gives the FLA data for their xfmrs I assume it meets the definition of continuous load.

Jon, the only reason I have pushed the issue here is for a reader of this thread that might come away thinking the SU-2 is capable of handling a total connected load of 16 amps when the 2 secondary windings are wired in series... As you have pointed out in your response it is not.

I personally would not use the SU-2 to power a power amp.

A 20 amp dedicated circuit will easily handle short pulses, bursts, of current of 75 amps or more. The branch circuit breaker won't even see it....

Will there be corresponding dips in the voltage at the outlet recept?
How much depends on the size of the current pulse and the length and size of the wire used for the branch circuit. One reason many use #10 awg wire.

You won't do that with the SU-2......


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